Mark Dean

Hello everyone,I’m Mark Dean.

the creator of Zeus-Apps, a browser extension available on both the Chrome Web Store and Microsoft Store. When I first started working on building backlinks for Zeus-Apps, I encountered numerous challenges.

The experience felt like navigating through an uncharted forest, trying to find a way out. Many of you might be familiar with the struggle: you send out a plethora of emails, only to receive a handful of responses.

Feeling stuck and helpless? Don’t worry, I’ve found a highly efficient and straightforward way to turn things around, and I’m excited to share it with you.

My extension, Zeus-Apps, is available on both the Chrome Web Store and Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store. The nature of the backlinks provided by these two platforms is strikingly different. Google supplied a ‘nofollow’ link.

but it’s worth noting that Google changed its policy in 2019 to treat ‘nofollow’ attributes as hints, which means they could potentially impact search rankings.

Microsoft, on the other hand, generously offered a ‘dofollow’ link. These different types of backlinks have not only increased the traffic to my website but have also significantly improved my SEO rankings.

Particularly noteworthy is that the descriptions of my extension on both the Chrome Web Store and Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store are highly relevant to the content on my website. In simple terms, Google and Microsoft have provided me with two authoritative and highly relevant backlinks.

Imagine you are building backlinks for a website focused on laser cutting machines. Now, you’ve developed an extension for calculating the power of laser cutting machines and made it available on both Chrome and Microsoft Store. What’s even more exciting is that both of these platforms offer backlinks that direct straight to your official website.

The authoritative and highly relevant backlinks from these tech titans, Google and Microsoft, serve as rocket fuel for your website’s rankings. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The laser-cutting power calculator extension does more than secure you valuable link resources; it also acts as a practical tool that attracts a large number of potential customers interested in laser cutting machines, opening up a vast market for your product.

Picture this: You run a real estate agency’s website focused on a specific city or region. To stand out from the crowd, you develop a unique browser extension—an estimator tool that calculates property prices. All the user has to do is input an address, and they’re presented with the average home prices, recent market trends, and other valuable data in that area.

Once this extension goes live on Chrome and Microsoft Store, you secure invaluable backlinks from these two major platforms, directing straight to your website. This does more than boost your site’s SEO ranking. The utility of this extension draws in a multitude of potential clients who are in the market for buying or selling property.

In this way, you’re not only fortifying your website’s authority through backlinks, but you’re also directly addressing the needs of users, converting them into prospective clients. This strategy grants you a significant competitive edge in the real estate sector.

This strategy isn’t exclusive to one industry; it has broad applicability. Combining practical, value-added extensions with high-quality backlinks can yield results beyond your expectations.

Having read up to this point, I trust that you now understand how to obtain high-authority, highly relevant backlinks from Microsoft and Google. The following section details the services I can provide for you. If you’re interested, feel free to continue browsing.

What We Offer.

I provide a bespoke backlink-building service, meticulously crafted to align with your specific business objectives.In simple terms, I create custom, practical extensions highly relevant to your industry and assist you in publishing them on both the Chrome and Microsoft Store. This strategy earns your official website two authoritative backlinks from these major platforms.





If you’re interested in my services or would like to learn more, please complete the form below, providing detailed information about your business and specific needs. This will enable me to offer you a more accurate and tailored solution.

In today’s digital landscape, acquiring authoritative backlinks is no easy feat. However, through innovative approaches, new opportunities can still be found. If you’re also looking to discover new avenues for business growth, I look forward to collaborating with you.